“We just watched Compound Fracture on the big screen in the screening room,” smiles Tyler Mane. “When it ended, I got chills. It was so amazing and surreal to see a picture I put together on the big screen like that.”

Mane deserves those good “chills”. The star of Rob Zombie‘s Halloween and Halloween II, X-Men, and Troy has definitely put in all the requisite blood, sweat, and tears to get to this point. He reinvented “Michael Myers” to much fan and critical acclaim, and his towering frame and presence have evoked fear artfully in a slew of films. Now, he’s launching his production company, Mane Entertainment, with its first project. The supernatural thriller, Compound Fracture, penned by his wife Renae Geerlings [who also stars in the flick] and himself.

The story follows Michael [Mane] as he returns to the home of his father [Muse Watson I Know What You Did Last Summer] in order to make a startling discovery and end up in a dark battle of wills. Elsewhere, another famous killer makes an appearance, the one and only Derek Mears of Friday the 13th-fame. Not only does Compound Fracture have an unforgettable story it’s got three iconic serial killers in one dark ride—Mane, Mears, and Watson.

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