Directed by: Anthony J. Rickert-Epstein

Cast: Tyler ManeMuse WatsonDerek MearsLeslie EasterbrookRenae GeerlingsAlex SaxonTodd Farmer
Release Date: 70 city tour going on now!
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Skulls!


Expectations for a film can be very deceiving. Films cast lots of big name stars, gooey special fx, spectacular sets and interesting plot twists. Many times, these films fall short for any number of reasons, many of which could be direction, bad acting or luck, but I am here to tell you that Compound Fracture is not one of those films. Not only did they hit the marks on all of the above attributes, they far exceeded them in every facet. Mane Entertainment not only shot a ghost story that delivers on the chills, but also delivers on all of the small details that can only lead to a film that will lead the way for not only Indie horror, but Hollywood released fare as well. All of the technical aspects of filmmaking are on display, from camera work, lighting, soundtrack and atmosphere. But the true shining light in this film is the acting…

Horror Society: Compound Fracture Movie Review

Tyler Mane is man of epic proportions. Easy to say going in for an interview. Sure, he was Wolverine’s brother and nemesis in X-Men, and let us not forget the epic force on nature he became as Michael Myers from Rob Zombies’ Halloween I and II. He is a true physical specimen in person, and he finds ways to exploit that with various looks and his body language, leaving the thought in the back of your mind that if you piss this guy off, he would be more than willing to show you what made him the ideal Michael Myers. What you never would have thought of was his range as an actor. After all, his last couple of roles had little to no speaking…

Horror Society: Compound Fracture Movie Review

Compound Fracture will surely change your mind about Tyler’s acting ability. Sharing the role of writer with his wife and co-star Renae Geerlings, the two of them have managed to infuse his role of Michael (coincidence? Maybe…) with a range of emotions and dialogue you would not have believed possible from the man who has played the grunting and monosyllabic Sabertooth or the stoically silent Michael Myers. His interactions with Renae in the film come across as a genuine couple dealing with their issues, and his handling of his father (Muse Watson) and their troubled past. The most dynamic and interesting point in the film is the interaction between Tyler and Derek Mears (as the ghost of his dead brother). Not often do you get to see two horror titans outside of the roles that made them legends face off, but it also made you long to see it on the big screen. Watching Tyler and Derek go toe to toe was amazing, and seeing Tyler being the one thrown around is something that was breathtaking and awe inspiring.

Horror Society: Compound Fracture Movie Review

Renae and Tyler deserve a great amount of credit for not only giving us a horror film that builds tension and suspense properly, but also gives a depth of character development that makes us care about the characters and their dilemma. The dialog is smart and sharp without coming across as snarky or smug, and the locations in the film help lead to the sense of isolation, despair and madness. Renae mentions the amount of research she did for the various runes and symbols that are on display in the film, and she was spot on. The amount of research and work put into even the smallest details help to push the story along and lends to the credibility and atmosphere of the film. Having other iconic horror legends like Derek Mears, Muse Watson, Leslie Easterbrook and Todd Farmer in the film raised the profile even higher, with everyone in the cast giving top notch performances.

Horror Society: Compound Fracture Movie Review

This film is ultimate proof that you do not need to have a major studio or millions of dollars behind you to make horror gold. Real hard work, talent and drive has brought Mane Entertainment to the forfront of the Indie horror genre, and I for one am looking forward to more from this talented bunch of filmmakers. No cheese and playing straight forward, if you are looking for a ghost story that is not overdone and you like intelligent, well thought out plots, this is the film for you. I highly recommend it!


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